When customers expressed concerns about large minimum order quantities and limited offerings – the team in Mountainside, NJ got together to develop a plan on how to better serve the needs of their customers.

The team used knowledge from customer surveys and word of mouth to outline a new structure that includes over 70 new standard stocked nozzles. The minimum order for stocked nozzles is simply a box of 12. For special order nozzles the minimum was reduced by 50% from 96 to 48 nozzles on the 9.0 – 32.0 GPH nozzles and by 75% on the less common 0.65-8.50 GPH nozzles. Customers will now enjoy more choices within the variety of standard stocked items. To view the complete listing of standard stocked items please review the chart below.

Regular Service Makes a Difference
Regular cleaning, inspection and servicing of the oil burner at least once a year can decrease oil usage by 4-10% and will ensure it is in running safely and reliably.

Regular Service Benefits Include:
 4-10% less oil usage
 Money savings
 Minimal pollution
 Longer burner life with better operation
 Less breakdowns
 Greener heating that’s better for the environment
 More heat for a longer period of time

Get the new Danfoss Nozzle chart here.