ny-oil-heat-instiituteNew York loves Bioheat®, and Bioheat ® dealers love the New York Oil Heating Association (NYOHA) – the voice of the Oilheat/Bioheat® industry in New York City’s five boroughs. The Association is a tireless advocate, constantly monitoring and steering the policies, regulations and issues that affect our members and their customers. We work closely with government officials and allied associations to address any business problems that arise. Through our efforts, New York City adopted the first Bioheat® mandate in the country. We believe that Bioheat®, a bend of heating oil and renewable biodiesel,is the best heating fuel for New York City. We stop at nothing to represent the industry’s interests.

Whether it’s fending off fierce competition from competing fuels or influencing the development of City Council policies, NYOHA represents and protects the interests of its members by working with other industry groups and the government to build effective solutions.

Visit NYOHA at www.nyoha.org