thermo-prodThermo Products was founded in 1946 in North Judson, IN and purchased by Burnham Holdings in 1997.

Thermo Products are hand built to the highest standards of quality and efficiency providing a full range of energy saving heating and cooling products for residential and commercial applications.

With over a 65 year heritage of superior workmanship, product innovation and small town work ethics, we are still committed to handcrafted products and hometown values like comfort, reliability, durability, quiet operation and high efficiency.

Thermo Products manufactures Thermo Pride and Spirit brand products. Thermo Pride products include oil and gas furnaces, air conditioning, heat pumps and air handlers. Spirit products include oil and gas furnaces.Thermo-Products-OMA

At Thermo Products we will continue to research, develop and refine solutions that meet the needs of the market. And we will continue to put a bit of Thermo Products heritage in everything we do.

Visit our websites at and or contact us at 800-348-5130.