Field Controls is the world’s lefieldading manufacturer of barometric draft
controls, sidewall power venters, and combustion air systems for oil heating

Draft Control
The RC Draft Control is standard equipment on the world’s finest oil heat
field644702258_rc-rightface-galvanizedfurnaces and boilers. The RC provides consistent over-fire draft for better
fuel use, reduced smoking, and better appliance efficiency.

Power Venting
The stainless SWG and ComboVent power venters provide safe, efficient sidewall power venting for oil heating appliances. These products combine the motor, fan, and hood into one convenient package that install through one sidewall hole. Both are made of stainless steel for longer life and better performance. The ComboVent is designed for use with systems that need
additional combustion air.

Combustion Air
To prevent sooting, improving combustion efficiency and fuel consumption,
ask for the Field Airboot®. The Airboot provides a direct, controlled source
of outside air channeled directly into the oil burner. The Airboot is easily
adjusted to provide the exact amount of air needed for optimum

Field is ISO 9001:2008 certified and practices LEAN/Six Sigma manufacturing processes

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