“To promote the growth and well being of the Oilheat industry by providing technical, education and related marketing support.”

The Oilheat Manufacturers Association was founded in 1994 as an outgrowth of the  Oilheating Industry marketing program, Build with Oil. With Dozens of manufacturers of oilheating products and services working together communicate the positives of installing oil-fired appliances in new homes, a new spirit of cooperation was born.

In the years since, OMA has been a strong voice for the Manufacturers of oilheating equipment and services both within the industry and with legislators and regulators alike.

To be a member, a company must manufacture or exclusively distribute a product or service sold into the North American oilheating marketplace. Additionally, OMA welcomes partner memberships from industry trade associations. 

OMA By-Laws

OMA Executive Officers

Mario Bouchard
Granby Industries

Mark Stellmach
Fuel Management Solutions

Richard Theurer
Steinen Manufacturing

Don Farrell
Executive Director

John Batey
Technical Consultant

Oilheat Manufacturers Association
140 Littleton Road, Suite 320, Parsippany, NJ 07054
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