fuel-lmanagementFuel Management Services was founded almost 30 years ago to bring fuel quality management products and services to the heating oil, diesel, power generation and the emergency power industries.  Backed by over 60 years in middle distillate fuels R&D at arguably one of the most respected research laboratories in the world – AT&T Bell Labs, Fuel Management Services was born.  

Patented fuel additive products and patented fuel testing procedures were developed that became a proven source to improve the performance and reliability of modern middle distillate fuels.  Because of the significant changes in fuel refining practices since the late 1960’s to date, fuel characteristics and properties continue to change and most of those changes have not benefited the performance and storage aspects of keeping fuel operating reliably.  

Today’s hi-tech equipment has very little tolerance for any type of fuel contamination and Fuel Management Services is considered a leader in eliminating and preventing fuel quality problems.  The impact of preventing fuel quality problems as well as improving fuel performance results in allowing fuel dealers and fuel users to focus on what they do best.  

Fuel Management Services top performing fuel additive products range from the UltraGuard – a proven heating oil industry favorite, other comprehensive performance enhancing additive packages for heating oil and diesel, cold-flow improvers, biocides, combustion catalysts, bio-fuel additives and more.      

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